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If you are not sure what needs to be checked in your company’s dashboard, turn to SJ Pharma Consulting, LLC in Mendham, NJ. We provide a document that specifies the full details of metrics to be collected in the following categories

A. Volume (Cases)

B. Volume (Reports)

C. Regulatory Compliance to Authorities

D. Overall Compliance to Regulatory Affairs

 E. Quality (Data Entry)
F. Quality (Reports)
G. Quality (Medical Review)

H. Effort per Case
I. Work in Progress
J. Average Cycle Time

The Details Provided On Each Metric Include

1. Matric
2. Priority
3. Effort
4. Name

5. Update Frequency
6. Metric Owner
7. Metric Admin 
8. Primary User(s)

9. Sensitive Info?
10. Data Source(s)
11.Data Input/Calculations

The PV DASHBOARD METRICS are available for $200